We’ve Got to #EndViolence Now

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We had a great benefit for the ACLU in Fairfield County at Stage One in 2017. It raised money for the ACLU in CT. In case you missed it, you can watch some of the highlights here. It was a night full of amazing artists, sponsors and fans coming together to promote equality, and it happened to coincide with Fairfield Pride.

However, since then there has been an uptick in violence and hate throughout the US. It continues to weigh on us (and the rest of the country).

Our founder launched a t-shirt company called endviolencenow.org. Three t-shirts, three causes, three ways you can help spread the message of hope. Each t-shirt is $25 and 50% of the net proceeds goes to designated charities. Please watch our short video below and visit endviolencenow.org to get your t-shirt today. Feel good. Look good. Do good!

Finally, we will be hosting our next annual All Sounds Fair in the summer of 2018, stay tuned for upcoming news on how you can get involved and attend!

Equality is Key!

-The ASF team

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